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EFICO USA is a fully owned subsidiary of the EFICO Group, a Belgian green coffee trading company whose roots go all the way back to 1926. With sourcing operations in key origins, EFICO trades over 287 varieties and blends of green coffee from about 40 different countries. EFICO USA was created in 2017 with the purpose of extending the Group's longstanding family tradition of tailor-made service and ethical business practices to the North American coffee industry. We are proud to say that to those who know us around the globe, the EFICO brand is synonimous with Quality, Traceability and Sustainability.



Efico green coffee since 1926
What we believe in
What we believe in

Delivering high quality products that are safe for consumption and traceable at all times. Acting in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable growth built on synergies and a shared vision between our partners, both at origin and destination, and us. Maintaining transparency in our business activities, with a personalized approach. Staying committed to our clients, suppliers and team members. Moving forward together. 

Group History
Establishment Wuyts & Installé, 1926

EFICO established as green coffee trading company Wuyts & Installé 

Left: First office, Mutsaertstraat in Antwerp, Belgium
Right: Co-founder, Emile Installé 

Management duo team: Patrick F. Installé & Michel Germanès

Name change to EFICO : Emile, François, Installé & Co 

Management duo team: Patrick F. Installé & Michel Germanès

From left to right: Patrick F. Installé, Michel Germanès and Pierre J. Installé (father of Patrick)


Member UNGC & Establishment EFICO Foundation

Member of United Nations Global Compact

Establishment EFICO Foundation



EFICO GmbH German office Hamburg

German office 


EFICO Fund within King Baudouin Foundation

Set up EFICO Fund within King Baudouin Foundation 



EFICO SA Swiss office Porrentruy

Swiss office 


EFICO Central America Guatemala City

EFICO Central America 
Central American office 
Guatemala City 



SEABRIDGE, EFICO's state-of-the art green coffee logistics center and warehouse in the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium


EFICO Ethiopia KURU Ethiopian office Addis Abeba

EFICO Ethiopia (KURU) 
Ethiopian office 
Addis Abeba 


EFICO Brazil JR Corretora Brazilian office Santos

EFICO Brazil (JR Corretora) 
Brazilian office 



In memory of Patrick F. Installé
Duo Management Michel Germanès and Philip Van gestel

Noord Natie reinforces its management participation in EFICO Group

Management Duo Team: Managing Director Michel Germanès (left) and Executive Chairman Philip Van gestel (right)


EFICO Group Commitment SDGs

EFICO Group Commitment to 5 out of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


EFICO USA LLC North American office Miami

North American office 



15 years EFICO Foundation

15 years member of United Nations Global Compact 

15 years EFICO Foundation 

Meet our Global Team
Jérémie Trono
Jérémie Trono
Efico USA
Managing Director

If it was ever said that all roads lead to coffee, Jérémie's was as atypical as it was exciting.

Born in Geneva Switzerland, raised in Boston (MA) and San Diego (CA), then returned to Switzerland in his mid-teens to attend college where he obtained a Masters’ in Business Management. With his studies behind him, he embarked on a soul searching trip across Mexico which incidentally led him to meeting his beautiful Mexican wife. 5 months of countless salsa lessons, tacos al Pastor, cervezas and sun burns later, the fun was over and Jérémie was back in Switzerland planning out the next steps of his professional career. His appetite for challenge and cultural curiosity found him spending the next two years lost in translation in Mainland China where he worked for a major Swiss Pharma company and a local consulting firm.

It was finally in the autumn of 2010 upon returning to his homeland that Jérémie took his first professional steps in the addictive world of coffee. In 2012, following a first experience with another major coffee merchant, Jérémie joined the Efico family in Switzerland.

Fueled with passion for the business, love of great tasting coffee and the human stories behind each cup, Jérémie has acquired a deep sense of green coffee quality and built lasting relations with suppliers at origin (specializing in Asia and Central America) and industry players all over Europe, South Korea and the Middle East. In 2018, hungry for a new challenge and eager to extend the Efico culture to the land of his youth, Jérémie packed his bags and moved with his family to Miami (FL) to launch Efico USA. And the rest is history in the making...

Michel Germanès
Michel Germanès
Efico Group

Michel started his career in coffee about 37 years ago. After 2 years in coffee, he was invited by the Installé family to join Efico as Junior Trader.  

Michel's commercial skills showed off and over the years he was able to take up more responsibility at Efico. In 1990, he and Patrick F. Installé took up the role as duo Management Team to oversee all operational responsiblity. In 1999, when Pierre J. Installé (Patrick's father) retired, both became Directors. 
An era of international expansion followed, with the opening of offices in Switzerland, Germany, Central America and Ethiopia and the set-up of the Efico Foundation and Seabridge, Efico's unique, state-of-the-art green coffee logistics center and warehouse in Belgium. After Patrick's decease in September 2013, Michel took up the daily operations of the Efico Team.  

Besides having an active commercial role in the coffee sector, Michel also resided in the European Coffee Federation's Contracts Committee for about 15 years and currently heads the Belgian Coffee Importer's Association.  

His passion and appreciation for coffee only increased during the nearly past 40 years of his active coffee career. Also the people behind take up a very prominent place for him. That's why he values his employees and the Efico Foundation's projects very much. 

Renaud Cuchet
Renaud Cuchet
Efico Central America - Guatemala
Managing Director

Renaud was born and raised in France, where he obtained an MBA from the Normandy School of Business an Administration. After a first taste of the coffee trading business in his early twenties in Le Havre, the call of the origins was too strong to resist and Renaud moved accross the pond to Central America.     

In 1987, following a few adventure packed years of exploring the continent, Renaud finally decided to settle down in Guatemala. He spent the next ten years running his own coffee brokerage firm, progressively building an extensive network of local farmers and exporters. 
He was also the team leader behind the development of the regional coffee marketing campaign in Guatemala (Antigua, Fraijanes, Atitlan, Huehuetenango, Coban) in the late 1990s. His strong business acumen and extensive knowledge of the latin American coffee trade did not go unnoticed by the Efico Group, who at the time was one of his closest clients. 

In 2007, Renaud was invited to join the Efico family as Founder and Managing Director of the organization's new Guatemala-based entity, Efico Central America. 
Over the years, Renaud has extended his network to all main Latin American coffee origins (less Brazil). He has also implemented numerous sustainable coffee projects and supply chains for international roasting companies.  

Renaud is also the Latin America Coordinator for the Efico Foundation, chairs the BOD at Habitat for Humanity Guatemala (volunteer) and writes about Latin American coffees for a leading European coffee and cocoa magazine.

He is fluent in three languages: French, English and Spanish. He has lived in France, the United States, Nicaragua, and is a resident of Guatemala since 1987.

Abdurahman Mahdi
Abdurahman Mahdi
Efico Ethiopia (KURU)
Managing Director

Our friend and longtime partner Abdurahman is as much of a coffee guy as they come. 

Born in the coffee hills of Harrar, Ethiopia, his love of great coffee and passion for the business, is not only a way of life, it's a birth right. 

As an adolescent, Abdurahman helped his family run a coffee collection business, selling cherries to the few exporters who had licenses at the time. 

But in 1976, his career in coffee came to a jolting halt, when his country was overtaken by military dictatorship, forcing him to flee to France. Abdurahman spent the next 18 years in Paris, where he obtained a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Financial Management, pursued a career in Finance, and became a French National. 

It was finally in 1995, after the liberation of Ethiopia, that he was able to return home. Happy to see him back after so many years of exile, his family insisted that Abdurahman got back into the family business, which they argued was "much nobler than Finance". 
Not one to upset the entourage and a true coffee aficionado, Abdurahman picked up where he had left off and began exporting coffee to Europe. 

This marked the beginning of a long-term relationship with Efico and in 2010 Efico Ethiopia (KURU) was born.   

João Marcos Crespo
João Marcos Crespo
Efico Brazil
Managing Director

João Marcos' life in coffee began as a little boy when his father, life-long coffee broker, would occasionally take his son to the office. At four-five years young, João could barely see over the cupping table, but that magical aroma lingering in the air... it's what still takes him back every morning when he sits at his own cupping table in Santos some 40 years later.

It was at the age of 19 that João officially kicked off his career when he began working as an Assistant Trader at a Brazilian coffee exporting company. A few years later, the Head Trader resigned and João was offered his job, a golden ticket to officially get his coffee wings.

It was during the following years that João began developing his relations with the Efico Group, first as the exporter's Chief Trader, then as an independent. In 2011, after 25 years of fruitful collaboration, João was invited to join the Efico Group as its new Brazil entity. 

Being over 30 years in the business, João Marcos is still doing what he loves most: cupping coffee, counting defects, negotiating prices, and visiting farms and warehouses. 

It’s been a long journey, since I was a little boy, son of a coffee broker.” João Marcos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Ivan Lamilla Muñoz
Ivan Lamilla Muñoz
Seabridge - Belgium
Green Coffee Quality Expert & Q Grader

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, but raised in Neiva (Huila) on the land of his family, Ivan had his first contact with coffee when he was a child at the farm of one of his uncles. 

This “magical place”  with 50 hectares of coffee was one of Ivan’s favorite sites to play with his sisters and cousins during the weekends or school holidays but it was also the place of his first contact with coffee flowers, cherries, different aromas, coffee pickers and the process until the coffee was ready at the farm.

Years later, Ivan moved to Bogotá and he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree as Agronomist Engineer with specialization line in Seeds Physiology at the National University of Colombia. 

In 1997 he officially started his career at Almacafé, FNC’s Quality Control Branch: 
At the quality control assurance office, he served as a port quality control supervisor, regional quality analyst, quality evaluation specialist and quality assignment specialist. 
Ivan was group leader for SAP Quality implementation projects in 1999 and 2005, part of the team for the ISO 9001 certification and IEC 17025 accreditation, licensed Q grader from Coffee Quality institute since 2004, and lead the process to implement the “Good Sanitary Management Certification”  for 17 coffee logistics warehouses in Colombia between 2006 and 2011 to meet food sanitary laws in EU, USA and Japan.

In 2012, Ivan decided together with his family to change his life and take upon a new challenge: he joined the EFICO Group to head the Green Coffee Quality Experts Team and share his coffee knowledge. Today, Ivan also facilitates the Q grading and SCA Seminars organized at SEABRIDGE, EFICO’s green coffee logistics center & warehouse in Belgium. SEABRIDGE has Belgium’s first SCA certified cupping lab. 

Nery Pérez
Nery Pérez
Efico Central America - Guatemala
Trading Officer

Born and raised on a coffee farm in the heart of the San Marcos department, Guatemala, Nery has coffee in his genes. At a very young age already, Nery’s parents taught him the art of producing Guatemala’s famous “Oro Verde”, revealing the secrets of every step from flower to cup.

After obtaining a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Guatemala in the year 2000, Nery joined the Efico Central American team. Over the years, our hard working friend further deepened his knowledge of coffee production and processing through hands-on collaboration with our partners throughout Central America, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia. To compliment his extensive on-the-field experience, Nery was also trained behind the desk to learn the ins and outs of the coffee trading business: including but not limited to sourcing, quality control, logistics and hedging.

After 17 years working for the Efico Group of companies, Nery has become one of the pillars of our Central American operations.

Katrien Delaet
Katrien Delaet
Efico Foundation
Head of Sustainability

Katrien was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1983. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Biosciences Engineering, with a specialization in land and forest management, and completed her studies with an International Master in Economics. Since her 2nd year at university, she travels around the world: studying the impact of extreme climate events (El Niño) in Bolivia, volunteering work in the Amazon forest with the aim to provide alternative income schemes for the indigenous communities, and setting-up forest landscape restoration projects in Africa.

Her coffee journey started in the field back in 2006, where she trained farmers to diversify and increase their income by producing coffee in harmony with their natural environment. 
Passionate to set-up sustainable business models for farmers and bitten by the coffee microbe, her coffee career got a boost when she started working for Efico back in 2008, to strengthen the companies’ sustainability approach. 
The development of a generic set of criteria to prepare farmers for climate change and the integration of this in the Rainforest Alliance certification was one of the milestones where Efico is very proud of. Today Katrien focuses on Efico’s sustainability strategy and the Efico Foundation, and works to improve quality, food safety and traceability in the supply chain.
Katrien is eager to learn and understand the story behind each cup of coffee. She loves travelling around the world to meet coffee producers, cooperatives and exporters and works together with customers for supply chain improvements from origin up to the coffee roasting plant.

Dorien Van Dun
Dorien Van Dun
Efico Foundation
Marketing & Communication

Dorien’s connection with coffee actually began when she was studying Applied Economic Sciences at the University of Antwerp in Belgium. By writing her dissertation about the influence of the coffee crisis on the coffee chain, a first feeling of commitment awoke as she discovered the human aspect is key. 
By including EFICO’s sustainable initiatives as case study, she was immediately impressed by their vision on responsible entrepreneurship, with quality and sustainability being part of their ‘Coffee Genes’. Dorien obtained her Master and her passion for coffee was really sparked when she joined the EFICO family in 2008. 

In her role, Dorien relates with different stakeholders, and creates added value on Marketing, Communication & Quality in its broadest sense. As a member of the EFICO Foundation Team, she is proud to see the difference EFICO makes by supporting multi-stakeholder projects in coffee producing countries along with institutional partners and the coffee roasting community. Looking back, she is grateful for all opportunities to grow and learn about coffee and being able to connect with exceptional people around the globe. 

Dorien is a positive people-oriented spirit and gets inspired by family & friends, travelling, sports, reading, learning new things and languages (she speaks Dutch, French, English, German & Spanish). 

Her life motto is: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. (African proverb)

Global presence
Global presence